Profit Engine Review

Profit Engine Review

Roadblock #2

Low Commission Payouts The average affiliate gets paid a 50% commission on a digital product.

We often get paid 90% commissions. Even 100% commissions in some cases. Vendors pay out such a high commission rate to their top super affiliates, because they know they can make the big money on the back end selling more stuff to their new customers later on.

This goes back to the formula. If you’re getting paid half as much as other affiliates, how can you expect to compete? Remember buy low — sell high.
Getting a low payout will result in lower earnings per click (EPC) which will shoot your profit in the foot.

Luckily, we have given our students the right connections and taught them exactly how to approach vendors in a way to get the higher payouts, giving them an advantage over others.


Roadblock #3

Low Cash Flow Cash flow problems can kill even the biggest businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a ton of money…if you can’t touch that
money because you have slow cash flow… you’re going to run out of money and your business will die a sad death.

A big key to scaling up quickly is reinvesting your profits into more ads, but you can’t do that if the cash is sitting in an account not being paid out

Most affiliates get paid 2-3 weeks after they make the money. With our connections, our students get paid 1 week after they make the money, and even
3 days in some cases.

So, if you’re getting paid in 1/3 the time, that means you can spend triple the money. That means you can scale up 3 times as fast with a much
smaller budget.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a $1,000 budget. You make 300% ROI because your ads are crushing it. You have everything dialed in.
That’s $3,000 profit.

With 300% ROI, you can literally turn $1,000 into $4,000over and over again, which means you can also turn $4,000 into $12,000…but only if you have that
$4,000 to spend.

But if it’s sitting in your affiliate account, not being paid out to your bank account for 3 weeks, you can’t put that money to use making you more

That’s exactly what happens to most affiliates. If you’re getting the same standard payout schedule as most affiliates, you have to wait 2-3 weeks to get paid that $3,000.

That means you can NOT scale up quickly. However, let’s say you’re getting paid weekly instead of waiting 3 weeks.

That means each week you can reinvest your profit every week.

So, if you start with $1,000 and turn it into $4,000 the first week, the second week you can invest $4,000 and turn it into $12,000.

That’s the power of cash flow. Most affiliates don’t have the advantage of fast cash flow, however our students have the connections to get paid faster
. So, they can scale up faster.

They can also compete with the big guys, even if they’re starting with a small budget, because they can quickly reinvest their profits to grow their budget.
This simple thing most people overlook is a game changer.

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