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PushPrime Review – Discount & Bonus

What’s a PushPrime and how is it different from a text message?

PushPrimes and texts are so similar that it can be tempting They both arrive on a user’s mobile device, they both have average rates which are over 90%, although they both need to fit inside character limitations.

And Again, what are PushPrime?

Well, 1 consideration is cost. Users do not have Texting plans and will wind up getting charged for each text message you send. Users can irritate and direct them to look over your message negatively. Or, they may opt-out of future messages altogether, which can be bad for business. From the infographic below we explain how it can benefit your organization and what’s a PushPrime.

The exact same is true on the business end. The cost to Send a massive quantity of texts out is applicable for many businesses, especially small ones, based upon what service and platform are utilized to blast messages out. PushPrimes, in contrast, are totally free and unlimited when you manage and build your app using Bizness Apps!

The opt-in / opt-out dynamic favors PushPrimes, when it Comes to user mindset. Users have total control over which programs send them may specify which kinds of notifications they want from every app, and notifications. Messages, on the other hand, often come stern. Due to the sale of telephone lists between businesses, some users may get texts from time to time and see SMS as a messaging station.

PushPrimes also increase engagement and Improve user retention rates. Not only can they help push action on your message’s topic, they help increase. PushPrimes offer a number of benefits at once and serve double duty.
Messages. By way of example, you can send a superbly designed message if things are slow during certain business hours, in seconds offering people 10% off their dinner within the next hour.

This not only helps bring in new customers, but can help Attract customers that are loyal back into your institution. The return on investment is absolutely staggering for a small company.

Whether you’re a small business owner with a app or a Marketer that is seasoned, sending your PushPrime can feel a bit. I mean, what are PushPrimes anyways — as we keep asking? What is a PushPrime? It’s somewhat invasive and embarrassing and scary. Why?

There are. It’s sent once it is sent.

It can be tough to nail the time.

You might end up annoying your customers, or worse, driving them to uninstall.

They deliver front and center to customers’ devices.

But clicking”send” doesn’t need to be daunting, and if PushPrimes are a remarkably effective way. Below we’ll share some tips on navigating the drive like a pro.

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Whether you are a small business owner with a program or a Marketer, sending your PushPrime can feel a bit like cannon-balling into a pool full of strangers. It is embarrassing and scary and invasive. Why? What are PushPrimes?

1. Avoid being pushy.

You would rather be invited into someone’s home than forced. Now apply that. Condense and frame the name; such as:”We are giving away 15 free pizzas! Click to find out more,” instead of”CLICK HERE for a chance to enter our free pizza contest giveaway!” Bear in mind, it is a message to the user from you and you have a limited quantity of characters to work with, so get the most out of them. Be human; avoid language that is robotic and play to the customer’s interests and benefits, not just your own. They have to be read, although pushPrimes can serve as a customer retention tool!

2. Hit at the right target.

“fence”) around a particular area, so users that travel in and outside of the fence for a specified period of time receive the message. You can personalize the PushPrime’s fenced area and duration our platform, sending only to users who enter your chosen hot spots during the span of an hour, a day, a week, etc.. This lessens your probability of bugging people with notifications. Say a client is on an out-of-state business trip–they probably won’t care about your appetizers deal, so leave them out of it. Those who are likely to take advantage: the ones nearby.

3. Don’t wake me up, and…

Hopefully we all agree that the morning’s wee hours Should be push-free, but there’s a lot more to timing than just that. It’s important to take into account the lifestyle and customs of your user, since badly planned PushPrimes can drive people away just as quickly as they arrived. Studies show the best time to ship PushPrimes is on weekdays between noon and 5pm. Mondays are best avoided, because Tuesday through Friday, although the smartphone user will be busiest at the start of the week you’re golden. Now, this just accounts for the user. You’ll want to factor that in if your target demographic works odd hours or weekends. The takeaway? Send your PushPrimes although users have enough downtime but don’t disrupt their quiet hours.

4. Appreciate your positioning.

Something remarkable about your small business drove users To download your app. Do not forget that. Guiding your target audience to decisions that are lucrative has never been easier with the technologies of today, so USE IT. With PushPrimes, you leagues above email marketing. According to research, PushPrimes see open rates that are 50% higher that’s nothing to sneeze at. Wield your power wisely. If users have invited you into their mobile space that is sacred, respect and appreciate your position.

What are PushPrimes? And how do they operate with Bizness Apps? Here is how it works:

1. First, enter your PushPrime message Apps dashboard online. This is just a bit of text which will let users know you have something.

2. Then, pick the location you would like to broadcast (i.e. Just your customers in a particular neighborhood, or all your users throughout the whole world?)

3. You can select your offer after choosing your location template. We have a variety of professionally created, industry-specific images for you to choose from, as well as your choice of color scheme. This ability to customize provide templates is an advanced feature that we are very proud of, and that you won’t find anywhere else.

4. For sending time. You’re all set. Your supply is looking good and ready to help you drive some business!

Our PushPrimes have a few features that are extra to sweeten the deal.

You can 1) sync your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the

Our system is among the most advanced Systems available, and it can be a major asset for boosting interaction and increasing revenue.

How can you engage your clients with intelligent push messaging? Let us know in the comments!


So what is a PushPrime? It’s a when a user receives a PushPrime Message from a company they want to hear from and know. And from a business Standpoint, the cost could not be lower. Considering ability and their effectiveness We find PushPrimes to be as good as to address a variety of goals at the same time, Text messages, if not better than. (Of course, there is no reason not to use In your marketing strategy, but if you can use just one, we know that one we prefer.)

OctoSuite Review – It Really Work?

OctoSuite Review, Bonus & Product Demo

I promise you, you’ll find all the info about OctoSuite you have been looking for based on my personal user experience and Facts.

OctoSuite has been made by Luke Maguire and his team. Luke already created several tools, such as LiveLeap, Viral Autobots,
Instamate and Social Autobots. These are all social media marketing tools and I have all of these. I got access to OctoSuite I
write and can test my review about it before the launch.

What Is OctoSuite All About?

You can do search for articles on social networks such as Twitter Facebook, YouTube and Reddit. You just need to enter a keyword
and the program will then go out and search for content that has gone viral in the past and which probably will go viral in the
future. You also can find content which hasn’t gone viral.

That is not all. With OctoSuite you can post and schedule Facebook Groups from a single dashboard in addition to content to all
your Fan Pages. In addition to the software also contains an Image Finder that will permit you to search for absolutely free high
quality images on

What Are The Key Features?

Automate your Facebook accounts for life

You can have the viral content from any market and from around the world being posted on complete autopilot on all of your Fan
Pages and Facebook Groups.

100% set & forget

The usage is simple. Search for content, viral videos as well as images in your specialty. Select the ones you enjoy the most and
with 1 click you can add them to the integrated scheduler and set the time and date when it should get posted.

With all its features, OctoSuite will definitely make it a lot more easy to maintain your Facebook Pages & Groups current with
content that is viral. The tool can not only be used to post to your accounts, but it also can be used to do research. Below I’ll
go through the various features and show you how they work. Let’s look at the dash:

OctoSuite Dashboard

Plus it is optimized that is portable. So you could handle it with a tabled or other mobile device.

The first thing that you need to do, after you created your account and got your license key, is to join OctoSuite with your
Facebook account. That isn’t difficult at all and what’s described inside.

Discover Content

OctoSuite Content Finder

Within the content finder you have the option to look on different networks for articles and trends.


First you have the option to look for Facebook fan pages according to your specialty. I did that above.

Then you also have the option to search on Fan Pages for hyperlinks, images or videos. You need to enter ID or the URL of a fan
page and then the popular posts will be returned by the software based on your selection. You have the option to order the results
based on viral, most recent or most liked.

Twitter Trends

You can use the software. This is not based on keyword. It’s based on location. So once you visit that page within the program it
will give you a list of the most trending hashtags. Then you have the option to filter that based on location. You have the option
to search for a place on the map and the software will then show you the trends for it. You can not search Twitter trends using
key words.


On YouTube you can get a list of trending videos based on place or you also have the option to search for trending videos based on
your input keyword.


On Rediit you have the option for trending articles according to your keyword to search. Enter the keyword for your niche and the
program will then return a list of trending articles from Reddit.

Discover Content Conclusion

In general I found it very valuable to have a tool which allows to look for trends. That makes the preparation for the posts much

Post & Shedule

OctoSuite Schedule & Post

This is the heart of the software. Here you can schedule all of the posts to all your Facebook Fan Page for. Plus you’ll be able
to post to all the Facebook Groups. You don’t need to be an admin to have the ability to post to the groups.

As shown in the screen shot above, you can upload an image, add your content and link, choose to which page(s) and/or group(s) you
would like to place it to and then either click on Post to have it published instantly or click on Schedule and enter the date and
time for which it should get posted. What I enjoyed most is, I can post to all my different Fan Pages. So I can select all of the
pages I have within the fitness market for instance and create content and allow the software post the content to them all. I have
to make the post ones. That’s really a huge time save and a feature I love.

Within the background you can see all of the posts you printed and within the Scheduled Posts tab you can see.

To LinkedIn your other social networking account ons Twitter and Pinterest you can post within the Syndication Accounts. But to be
able to do that, you need to purchase OTO 1.

Facebook Groups

With the Google Chrome extension, which is contained within the solution, you can join Facebook groups based on your search

Syndication Accounts, Image Editor & Link Cloaker

All of these are upgrades and you will need to purchase them via one time offer. I’ve listed them all within the OTO section


There is also coaching included. If you would like more training on the best way best to monetize your accounts to earn money,
then you need to think about the VIP training upgrade. I listed it below tihin the OTO section.

YouZign Integration

If you also have an account at YouZign, then you may input your API key and key which will then join OctoSuite with YouZign. This
lets you easily use of your designs that are YouZign for your posts.

From posting and only finding content you won’t earn any money. You want to monetize Groups the Fan Pages and social media
accounts. Below are some ideas on how you can make money using the software.

Promoting affiliate offers
Promoting CPA offers
Building a lit (for long term success)
Promoting physical offers
Promoting your product(s)
Offering a service to local business. You promote the product or service and could create a market based fan page. Or you could
offer that you find and post viral content to their fan page for a fee.

These are just some ideas about how you can use the software to produce a side-income or maybe even a full time income.


His support staff and luke are one of the best. I saw, what they did when they had some difficulties with their Viral Autobots
launch. They have gone above and beyond for their clients and have really done everything to please us. Since I am a client of
Luke myself, I write us. So if you invest in OctoSuite you can be comfortable that they’ll look every well after you. This isn’t
something you find very often.

One Time Offers

OTO 1: Syndication To Networks

The one time offer is an update to syndicate you content to your social networking account on LinkedIn, Twitter & Pinterest.

Prize: $37 — $57

OTO 2: VIP Coaching

Within this training you’ll not only learn everything you need to know to be able to make money using the program. You’ll also
have the ability see the procedure he uses to create these income on Autopilot and to go inside on some of Luke’s 6 figure pages.
If you have seen the training there and already own Viral Autobots or Instamate, then you know how Luke’s coaching is.

OTO 3: Image Editor & Link Cloaker

With the image editor you’re able to edit. Plus you can edit your own graphics. It definitely is a fantastic addon, although it is
not a high end editor. It cloaks your affiliate links that you may use to post in your networks.

Prize: $47

With that offer you’ll receive 10 key which permit you to set up OctoSuite with your own Logo. You can sell access to businesses
or any other internet business to those 10 accounts and promote it.

OctoSuite FAQ’s

Can this be used with any OS (Mac & Windows)?

Yes. OctoSuite is a web based app, so it is going to work for you.

Can I use OctoSuite for Facebook Groups and all my Fan Pages?

Yes. Then it automatically adds the fan Pages you admin of and’re when you connect the program with your Facebook Account. Plus it
also adds of the Facebook groups. Without any limitations.

Yes, it does. Everything can be searched for by you. It was tested by me and it worked.

Can it be used for any market?

Yes, absolutely. You can use it for any market (except Mature niches, since you won’t find articles for them).

Is the software simple to use?

Yes, OctoSuite is easy to use and they have training videos included, in the event you should have any issues using it.

Is it beginner friendly?

Yes, it is beginner friendly. The complete networking marketing but also not only the software is friendly. To be honest. I’m a
SEO man and I did not use the social networks a lot not for my niche sites. But this software got me started and I scheduled a
great deal of articles to my Fan Pages. And it wasn’t difficult to do at all.

What I Like About The Software

Beautifully designed and easy to use web app.
It contains loads of great features.
That I schedule them and can upload as many articles as you like
That I’m able to post at ones to my webpages.
It actually works fast.
I had no issues finding, posting uploading and scheduling articles that is viral.
Luke and his team are looking after their customers.

What I Do Not Like About The Software

The 1 thing I don’t like about the program is, that the product does not contain posting to other social media accounts, aside
from the ones on Facebook. For I can not complain about it, however the software sells.

OctoSuite Review Conclusion — Is It Really Worth Your Money?

To be honest. There are other software out ther which do post to media accounts that are social. Than OctoSuite does, and most of
them contain accounts. However, OctoSuite contains features which I have not found in other programs, such as the Facebook Group.
For OctoSuite you have to pay a one time fee, where the tools are most of the times either much more expensive or a lot of these
are on monthly subscriptions.

Based on the prize that is low and OctoSuite’s features, I really recommend you take a look at it. It really is worth it. Click
the button below to visit the site.