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Tried-And-True Ways to Improve Your Email Content

Whether you have been sending emails to subscribers for 10 years or 10 days, it is important to consider how you might be able to improve your content every now & then.

Things change over time; between subscribers, your industry, and even your own business. As a result, it is important for your emails to keep up with those changes.

If you’re just getting started with email, you may feel like you have just been going with the flow, and are not really sure if you are “doing email right.”

Wherever you are in your email marketing journey, there is always time to recalibrate your emails. Let’s take a look at different ways you can improve your content.

Always deliver value.

Every time you make a new email draft, you should be asking yourself, “What will my subscribers get out of this email?” If you cannot answer that question, it is time to close out of the draft and come back to it once you have figured out the value your subscribers would get the email.

Because sending content your subscribers are interested in & find valuable is the foundation of any successful email plan.

If you are not sure what your audience wants, their most commonly asked questions is a good place to start. If you run a fitness studio, for instance, you can take questions your clients often ask & use that to inspire content to your emails or blog posts.

Explain why your emails are relevant.

Sending valuable content is the key to creating engaging email content, but sometimes you should also be clear about why it is important. Professional writers talk about the importance of writing “benefits-focused” copy instead of just listing a bunch of product/service features. I often find the same applies to emails.

Since our aim for the email is to encourage people to click through to read this blog post, we ensure to explain the benefit to subscribers.

The more you could justify the reason behind why they should take a specific action, the more they will understand how it’s relevant to them.

Ask for feedback.

Have no clue what your subscribers want? That is okay, too!

Asking your current subscribers what kind of content they would be most interested in receiving from you could tell you a lot about how to improve your content. Not only does this eliminate the guessing game, it also opens up communication between you & your community of subscribers.

To get feedback, you could try a few different tactics, including:

  • Asking subscribers to reply back to your email
  • Sending a Google Form
  • Creating a survey using a survey platform, such as SurveyGizmoSurveyMonkey or Typeform

As you begin to hear back from subscribers, start implementing what you have learned right away. Share content that speaks to their interests, challenges & needs!

Add videos/GIFs.

Did you know that video in email can lead to a 200 – 300% increase in your click-through rate? A video is more powerful than ever, and people cannot get enough of it.

As a result, consider how you might be able to support your email content by adding a relevant video. Whether it is one you create or one that you have come across that would be helpful for your audiences, be sure to share it via email.

If a video is not your thing, consider how you might be able to feature a GIF instead. The benefit of using a GIF instead of video is that it will animate within the email itself, so you do not have to worry about clicking through to get the full impact.

Feature upcoming promotions & discounts.

There is one thing consumers can’t get enough of, and that is saving money.

Promoting product sales & offering exclusive discounts can go a long way in helping you achieve email superstar status. According to Direct Marketing Association, buyers were likely to make a purchase from an email rather than other channels like social & direct mail.

When you get emails like this one from Loft, it is easy to understand why this channel is so effective.

With email, you do not have to worry about your fans missing content like they might in their social feeds. Plus, you have the occasion to create eye-catching email content like this.

So the next time you have a sale/discount, be sure to send an email to your subscribers about it!

Send personalized content.

Personalizing your email content is more than adding your subscriber’s first name to the subject line. It is about sending targeted content to people on your email list who will find it most relevant.

Whether you send emails based on the specific interests, geographical location, native language or even favorite dog breed, you are able to take communication to a new level.

From welcome emails based on different incentives to a promotional email that is only available in a specific city, there’re endless possibilities for how targeted you get your email content.


Is DFY Chief a Great Source of Professional Website Templates? Find Out in This Review!


We all know the fact that the rapid growth of technology nowadays has already taken the need for the presences of website to the next level, most especially to all online businesses. A strategically and professionally designed website will actually help you promote your campaigns as well as activities on a wider scale. In addition to that, you can also be able to gain more potential clients if you have a professionally and beautifully designed website since your products are much easier to approach. 

However, setting up an entire website from scratch is an extremely challenging thing to do. If you really want to give it a more professional look, that would actually require thousands of dollars investment. Aside from that, it can take too long if you will attempt to study it yourself. Because of that, this review about DFY Chief will provide you with really helpful suggestions about how you should solve this problem. 

DFY Chief Review – Overview 

Product Name: DFY Chief 

Author: Joshua Zamora 

Launch Time: 11:00 EDT 

Launch Date: November 2, 2017 

Front-ed Price: $47 

Bonus: Yes 

Refund: Thirty Days Money Back Guarantee 

Recommend: Highly Recommended 

Niche: General 

DFY Chief is basically a huge bundle of twelve Done For You templates for website that contains each single important element. Aside from building your own site, DFY Chief also lets you sell those websites as an additional stream of income. This means that you do not have to worry too much since this widget completely allows you to customize the website template until it the result will suit your personal preferences and business requirements. 

About the Author 

Joshua Zamora is a popular digital marketer due to his profound knowledge in this industry. As a matter of fact, a lot of his services and products have been widely recognized by many internet marketers because of their universal success, which earns him truckloads of profits online to his back accounts like the PBN Builder, SyndLab, Video Chief, and SyndBuddy. 

Due to his renowned reputation in the online market, there’s certainly no doubt that his newly launched DFY Chief will also become successful in the near future. 

DFY Chief Benefits and Features 

Here’s a brief summary of what this system has to offer:

  • It provides a stunning page builder that allows you to generate any type of website you want through using the DFY templated, or you can also be able to produce a new one utilizing the built-in tools provided in the system.
  • It offers twelve custom templates, which can be easily edited, and they also cover a wide range of markets in the trending niche.
  • It supplies a service of third party hosing via Google Cloud Engine that is basically a premium hosting service for Google, so you will never have to host the websites all by yourself.
  • It has a drag-n-drop editor that lets you customize your webpages based on your personal preferences and conditions.
  • It guides users through the entire process of DFY Chief with a detailed video training course.



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